Featuring works by Alex and Allyson Grey, Amanda Sage, Chris Dyer, Luke Brown,
Ralph Steadman, MARS-1, and Rick Griffin.

We are pleased to announce glass artist Banjo’s first solo exhibition Sacramental Vessels, with additional works from friends and fellow artists Alex and Allyson Grey, Amanda Sage, Chris Dyer, and Luke Brown. Blending fine art and function, Sacramental Vessels represents a decade long search for a language that plays between fine art and spiritually aligned intentions.

Glass art has existed parallel to the art world, only recently aligning to explore avenues that have been dominated by traditional painters, printers, photographers, and sculptors. Sacramental Vessels continues the tradition of glasswork in a new vein, referencing surrealist, brutalist, and revolutionary mid-century aesthetics and concepts to create intricate functional glass sculptures. Banjo’s work combines influences from both fine art and counter-cultural backgrounds with each piece representing aspects of his own personal journey into the visionary and spiritual realms.

Banjo first discovered the medium of glass through the contemporary craft tradition, finding his inner artist only after years of soul searching- beginning with his time spent traveling with the Rainbow Family of Living Light, and later including a wide range of experiences as a father and spiritual seeker. He has long been at the forefront as a key player in the glass scene, garnering a tremendous following and collector base that devours each piece as it’s made. The masterpieces that he creates are amalgams of experiences, effortlessly fusing function and fine art, yet still honoring to the outlaw craft tradition that they have emerged from.